How It Works

Quality Farm Solutions slurry additive works by increasing the bacteria levels in the slurry so they are so high that they will not let the water seperate from the slurry. The bacteria gobble the slurry and break it down, which gives a more liquid slurry. This process is suitable for commercial and organic farming.

As the slurry is more liquid it does not taint grass like untreated slurry.

Also, as agitating can be cut down by up to 80%, this means that you don’t blow off large amounts of Nitrogen (Ammonia Gas Smell) and it is left in this slurry. As the slurry is more liquid you have a better chance of getting all nutrients into the soil faster, and gives you quicker growth.

Also it is the easiest to use slurry additive on the market.

TESTIMONIALS – Farmers currently using it in Ireland

Slurry test report (13/08/2013) – Click to open